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While pursuing a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, Will Holtz began working in live sound reinforcement in 1997 with ABTech, the student run production company on campus. With this organization he mixed for everything from rock concerts to classical Indian music and fashion shows, in venues ranging from coffee shops to gyms to large outdoor tents. Will was usually found running front of house but became equally comfortable behind the monitors console. By his senior year, he was running the organization -- managing a staff of 15, a budget of $40,000/year, and responsible for over seeing the production of more than 150 events per year.

Will's Junior year of college he worked on the student film Out of Courage 2 and this was his introduction to audio recording. As the First Assistant Sound Supervisor he recorded dialog during filming and as the Lead Recording Engineer for the soundtrack he recorded the original orchestral score.

After graduating, Will moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work on his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley. Here he continued to do some live sound reinforcement work while immersing himself in recording projects. Using borrowed equipment a demo was recorded and mixed for a budding adult-contemporary pop band. This results were so-so, but much was learned. Since then, Will has had the opportunity to hone his processes and contribute to the making of several great albums and EPs. 

When not sitting behind a console Will enjoys playing music. He started out on the piano, but his main instrument these days is a pedal steel guitar with some dobro and lap steel thrown in for variety. He currently plays with the band Golden Birds.

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